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Adrenal insufficiency (AI) is a rare disease that occurs when the body fails to produce enough of a key hormone called cortisol. Insufficient cortisol levels impair metabolism and healthy growth and development. The persistent lack of cortisol can also cause adrenal crisis, which can be life-threatening, causing low blood pressure, low blood glucose, low blood sodium, and high blood potassium.

One treatment for AI involves hydrocortisone (HC) replacement therapy to correct the levels of HC that the body isn't producing. 



Historically, because there wasn’t a licensed low-dose HC formulation available for children, physicians have had to rely on adult tablets that are compounded by pharmacies or manipulated by caregivers. Manipulating can cause inaccuracy and may result in over- or underdosing.

In September 2020, ALKINDI SPRINKLE became the first and only FDA-approved drug that is designed to provide a safe and accurate path to optimizing AI control with 4 low-dose formulations. The initial launch campaign for ALKINDI SPRINKLE did not emphasize the clinical importance of accurate dosing.
We knew we had to change this.



Elevate the importance of accurate HC dosing in long-term AI management among prescribers while educating caregivers on the potential consequences of inaccurate HC dosing over time. The creative solution focuses on the key idea of “reaching new heights with the daily rhythm of accurate dosing.” We accomplished this by aligning ideal growth stages of infants and children with age-appropriate HC doses. 


By visually showing kids in age/height proximity with ALKINDI SPRINKLE “dosing rockets,” we reinforced the flexibility and ability of HCPs to adjust the dosage to fit with each child's needs.The goal is to help patients and children with AI experience healthy growth and development.


We sought to help HCPs and caregivers better understand the appropriateness of the 4 low-dose formulations specifically designed for newborns and children by strategically aligning the importance of accurate dosing within our campaign. We targeted pediatric endocrinologists and caregivers whose treatment goals for their pediatric patients with AI are to prevent adrenal crisis and allow for healthy growth and development. 



Our market research analysis shows that the “Reach New Heights” concept compellingly outperformed on multiple key performance metrics, including message clarity and likability.

“You’re confident that there’s always going to be a dose for each size of the patient you’re dealing with. That’s reassuring. So, you have more confidence in treating your patients.”

– HCP Respondent


”You can see the different stages, you’re secure that as your child grows so you’re not worried about ‘Oh is there going to be something else that I’d have to put them on or something else that I have to do for this?‘ because you know that there’s going to be more for them to get.”

– Caregiver Respondent

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Eton Pharmaceuticals is an innovative company that searches the world over for meaningful therapies to bring to patients living with rare diseases. ALKINDI SPRINKLE is one of these therapies, and we are proud to support Eton in their vision of transforming the lives of patients and their caregivers living with rare diseases.

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