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A new approach to the molecules you know and trust.


In the United States, 1 in 26 people will develop epilepsy during their lifetime, and approximately 39 million suffer from migraine.

Antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) are the most commonly used treatment for epilepsy.

But what do patients who struggle with the existing AED formulations do?

And how do healthcare providers (HCPs) treat patients who cannot take pills, especially children or patients with dysphagia?


With prescription AEDs being available only in capsule/pill form, HCPs are often forced into workaround situations, such as crushing pills, dissolving capsule contents, or obtaining a liquid formulation through a compounding pharmacy to accommodate patients who need or prefer a liquid alternative. And some patients, including children and patients with dysphagia, may have difficulty taking pills and struggle with existing AED formulations.


Compounded drugs are not FDA approved. This means that the FDA does not verify the safety, effectiveness, or manufacturing quality of compounded drugs, which can increase the risk of preparation and medical errors. Beyond convenience and quality for patients and caregivers, HCPs desire dosing and titration flexibility and the opportunity to tailor dose adjustments to patients’ needs.



Our key goals focused on reaching neurologists, pediatric neurologists, nurse practitioners, and epileptologists who believe a more tailored approach could benefit their patients and on driving awareness and preference for EPRONTIA® and ZONISADE™ by communicating that the liquid formulation may provide the tailored approach needed to ensure consistency, dosing customization, reliability, and convenient administration of these well-proven molecules.


Medication Transformed

A new approach to the molecules you know and trust.



Portfolio Direct Mailer Cover.jpg
Eprontia Direct Mailer Inside.jpg
Liquid Swoosh.png

We developed a portfolio brand that delivers a powerfully simple idea: Through technology and innovation, medications can be transformed to cater to each patient’s needs with an individualized approach and a proven therapy.


Our creative approach visually showcased the ability to transform how medication is given to patients. During market research, HCPs and patients connected emotionally to our butterfly breaking free from the cocoon pill. 

Eprontia Mobile Homepage.jpg
Zonisade Mobile.jpg

The stunning pink and gold butterflies capture the essence and beauty behind the transformation into an easy-to-take, visually appealing formulation while providing inspirational stopping power and supporting the mission behind Azurity’s CNS portfolio.

Eprontia Sales Aid Tablet.jpg
SalesAid Screens.png

The simple yet dynamic tagline for the portfolio concept hit home. “Medication Transformed” signals the potential impact of this medication on patients’ lives and the transformative nature of our creative approach. The ready-to-use liquid formulations provide treatment that addresses a significant unmet medical need for patients, caregivers, and the HCPs who treat them.

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